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Multishower  25.00

For a nice comfortable shower experience.

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Strong reasons for choosing Multishower and FTL Water Saving Technology™

Installing a Multishower can be one of the best investments you have made for a long time. There are several reasons for that:

Improved economy
The investment cost is recovered quickly by the savings you make after the installation.

A powerful environmental case
Reduced consumption is a strong and solid argument for companies that actively take measures to reduce their negative infl uence on the environment.

Calcium deposits do not develop
The design of the Multishower means that the nozzle is wide, which avoids calcium accretion, which otherwise would make the shower ineffective, less refreshing and fi nally unusable.

Contains fewer parts
Multishower contains fewer and more reliable parts, which gives it a considerably longer life than conventional showers.

Pleasant experience
Due to the unique quality Multishower gives a more pleasant shower experience than the conventional showers.

Five years of guarantee
Each Multishower has a five-year factory warranty.

A safe shower – no risk for legionella bacteria
The spreading of the legionella bacteria is increased by showers mixing water with air. The FTL Water Saving Technology™ does not include air. As a result many hospitals are now using the Multishower.

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